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Build a network as intelligent as your students.

Reliable classroom Wi-Fi that won’t interrupt learning.

Wi-Fi-enabled Chromebooks, iPads and laptops  are everywhere in the classroom. But they’re only as reliable as the infrastructure they connect to. That’s why it’s so important to have a robust classroom wireless network that can handle everything you throw at it. Aruba provides this reliable WiFi that won't interrupt curriculum learning.

Prioritize critical learning apps while blocking unsafe content.

Aruba creates an inspiring and impactful classroom Wi-Fi experience with rich instructional videos and compelling interactive learning. Block inappropriate content while prioritizing online testing, Common Core curriculum and other critical learning applications.

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Aruba Products
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Wireless access you can always count on.

Aruba wireless solutions deliver the flexibility and high performance to meet the needs of any midsize business or high-density enterprise. With built-in AI-intelligence, location services, and seamless roaming users and IT receive an optimal experience. With flexible and high-performance wireless, Aruba meets the need of any midsize or high-density enterprise.

Protect your organization, from inside and out.

With 360 degrees of active cyber protection, Aruba ClearPass and IntroSpect provide the visibility and network access control needed for today’s digital workplace. Automated policies and machine learning-based analytics detect threats on the inside while accelerating investigations and response.

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