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I think we can all agree that safety plays an important role in schools and colleges. Like other areas of education, schools and colleges are starting to adapt to the changes and are looking at different technologies available.

However, many schools are still using a paper-based visitor logbook to keep records of all their visitors.

These paper-based solutions have many disadvantages such as:

  • Being difficult to manage and search.
  • Possibilities of damage, loss and theft.
  • Lack of visual identification such as photos.
  • Difficult to inspect records during an emergency

Even with these difficulties schools are still using them. Enhance your school’s security by updating your obsolete paper-based visitor logbook to an EntrySign visitor management system today.

EntrySign for your school

With EntrySign you can improve safeguarding in your school by having live, up to the minute visibility of who is on site, and a wealth of information and reports just a click away.

Staff, pupils and students, authorised visitors, such as school governors, supply teachers, peripatetic teachers and even contractors can all sign in and out using dedicated options on the touch screen; and the EntrySign Back Office Suite can track CRB/DBS dates and other essential information.

Not only does EnterySign help improve your school's safeguarding, but EntrySign can also help you to comply with health and safety regulations, as well as the new GDPR data requests.


Find out more about GDPR and how EnterySign can help

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School MIS integration

EntrySign integrates with many popular school management information systems, including Capita SIMS, Bromcom MIS, Scholarpack, Progresso, Arbor and RM Integris making administration simple, and automating the process of importing staff and pupils into the visitor management system.

Where the MIS allows, EntrySign can even write back to the MIS allowing pupil late marks to be entered or updated automatically, including calculating the minutes late in line with your school's attendance policy.

If your school uses a different MIS which we don't currently support, then EntrySign’s developers would be happy to talk with your MIS provider about integration. EntrySign also support MIS integration to many other school management systems via Wonde.

If you do not wish to integrate directly with an MIS you can also import staff and students quickly and easily using CSV files or by using our free Active Directory integration.

Use your existing ID cards and/or fobs

Where customers already have a contactless technology in use, (e.g. for access control, cashless catering, library systems or managed print solutions), EntrySign can in most cases, utilise your existing cards or fobs. Supported technologies include Mifare, Paxton, HID, Indala and many more!

EntrySign’s multi-format readers support most contactless card technologies, and if you're not sure what technology you have at present, our technical team can analyse your cards or fobs before purchasing to ensure they're supported, (they usually are!).

We also offer a cost-effective card printing service where we can design and print your customised ID cards and usually despatch these to you for next delivery.

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