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The NETbuilder IT team has collective experience of over 30 years in all aspects of IT. Our knowledge of the sector accompanied by our dynamic approach enables you to move forward and never back. Never be caught out by a change in the industry and always be on the front foot. We work closely with IT partners, keeping track of the industry and keeping you prepared for upcoming updates or new releases.

Our “build a foundation” process ensures that the core of your business is stable and secure. Enabling you to add technology on the go without needing to go back to the drawing board if something new happens.

Our health check consultancy service ensures you are on track to complete your overall goals but is adaptable enough to move into a new direction if your business demands it. IT is an ever changing field so let us steer you into the right direction and keep you on track.

Avoid the gimmicks and invest in the real technology that will improve profits and improve your customer’s experience of you, after all, your customers and employees make your business as you do ours. Invest in them, invest in us.

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IT Support for Education

Your system sits at the heart of your business or school, ensure it is professionally managed, maintained and monitored.

Bespoke Server Solutions

We can design and implement bespoke client/server infrastructure solutions to meet a wide scope of requirements.

IT Support for Business

After years of experience in education, automating networks to the scale of thousands of users, we have put that experience into businesses.

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