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Easy and complete control at a TOUCH

Tango's interactive touchscreens put you in complete control of your lesson or presentation. That’s because Tango's screens are equipped with highly accurate, multi-touch sensor technology that allows multiple users to interact with the screens simultaneously. Tango touchscreens can be operated using your finger or a stylus. What’s more, the Ultra HD/4K image quality will ensure that your presentations truly wow your audience.

the most intuitive touch screen software available

Built-in Android player

5.1 Lollipop, Quad Core 1.2GHz CPU/2G DRAM/8G Flash

Android provides a convenient user interface for the panel even when the computer or OPS aren’t connected.

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Outstanding Connectivity

HDMI, VGA, USB & Display Port Connectivity

If you're looking to connect a computer, an additional screen or just a memory stick, Tango touchscreens have HDMI, VGA, USB and Display Port connectivity to suit every setup.

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