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Avoid paying the full cost of new equipment upfront and gain access to leading brands that may have been deemed too expensive

The Tech2Teach programme supports educators and their suppliers by providing compliant funding solutions for EdTech. Being an approved public sector provider ensures additional peace of mind.

Why choose Tech2Teach ?


Restricted declining budgets and a greater demand on spend, including your school’s IT equipment

Service Free: Operating Lease

Enables the school to use the equipment they require over a period of time with no capital outlay – through a known rental payment


Why use your valuable capital budget on depreciating IT / AV equipment?


Flexible enough to add more equipment at any time during the period should your needs change


Select the payment profile and period that most suits your needs. Rentals can be paid monthly, quarterly, termly, or yearly; in advance or arrears; over a 3-5 year period


Select the equipment you require with your IT / AV supplier to build your specification


Instead of a purchase price you will be quoted a rental for the use of that equipment over the period


At the end of the initial period you can hand the equipment back, continue using the equipment and pay a rental, or refresh the equipment for new

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